2012 IBA World Champion!!!

January 5th, 2013 | by JEFF HUBBARD

I feel so blessed to have won my Third IBA World Title. I can not thank my family, friends and fans enough for all the amazing support over the last 24 months. Coming second in 2011 was really tough and to be able to come back all year long and finish 2012 on top with 3 GSS tour wins was an amazing feeling that I will never forget. MAHALO!!!

Reeflex !!! yeah

July 4th, 2012 | by JEFF HUBBARD

Reeflex Wetsuits USA has signed agreements with Hawaiian bodyboarders, Jeff Hubbard and Dave Hubbard.

California, USA – July 3, 2012 – Reeflex USA announces today that Jeff and Dave Hubbard have joined the Reeflex Wetsuits USA team.  They will be joining Jacob Vandervelde on the U.S team. Reeflex Australia has established the brand with an epic team of their own, including Dave Winchester, Ryan Hardy, Andrew Lester, and Mark McCarthy.

Jeff Hubbard is a two time IBA World Champion, ten time USBA Champion, and reigning back to back IBA Pipeline Champion. His amazing riding style and professionalism has made him a legend among the bodyboarding community.  Hubb says – “I am excited to be a part of the great Reeflex team and able to support a 100% bodyboard brand here in the USA, as well as all across the globe.”

Dave Hubbard is a past IBA World Champion (drop knee), and reigning drop knee and prone US Champion. His ability to excel at prone, drop knee, and stand up is a testament to his versatility and elite status.  Dubb says – “I’m really excited to be riding the same suits as my brother again. If you want to ride the best, you have to use the best.”

Reeflex wetsuits are known for their warmth and comfort. In addition, they strongly support the sport.

Check out Reeflex Wetsuits at www.ReeflexUSA.com or buy online at www.PassionSurfCo.com .

Road Warrior

May 12th, 2012 | by JEFF HUBBARD

I have really been enjoying my time at home on Kauai a lot over the last few weeks.  Recently, I had a great but long trip overseas to Australia for two IBA contests and to Bali and Java for lots of free surfing and photos for Movement Mag. The  WEST Oz trip was super fun I had a week in Margaret River with my brother and friends and had some sweet waves at the Box for the IBA contest. It was Refreshing to see Mitch Rawlins and Jacob Romero do so well as both are great free surfers but don’t always get lucky in comps, but they did Perform at the Box. From there I went to Bali and Java with Ben Player for a Movement trip with Sasha Spex taking photos, and we had a blast surfing great waves every day,  all day. It was  a very different  trip hanging out  with friends with no contest pressure and also seeing indo again as I had not been there for  quite a long time.  After that I was back on the east coast of Oz hanging with “mates” and competing in the IBA Port Macquarie Festival of Bodyboarding. It was actually relaxing just to hang out  near the beach and compete every day and surf at the  so called “Capital of bodyboarding In Australia”  with so many positive people and amazing riders. I won the contest which was really special as the final had some great waves and talent and the boys were ripping hard.  After that I got to hangout in Cronulla for a few days   and surf fun waves at Shark Island, and get ready for the  Invitational contest there in a few months.    So now my stint on Kauai and home is winding down. I am thrilled to have been surfing and hanging out with friends and family every day here recharging my batteries for my next adventure. I will be heading to Chile for the IBA Arica chile challenge and then to southern california for the USBA US open of bodyboarding, then to Brazil for the IBA Brazil Pro, then finally to Oahu hawaii to compete in the USBA sandy beach pro. So i’ll be a road warrior for the next couple months and that should prove very entertaining and adventurous. Good times await ahead always.

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