Pure Barre Honolulu at Kahala Mall

Hey guys!

I’ve been getting my postpartum work out on at PURE BARRE HONOLULU at KAHALA MALL  and man, I am getting my booty beat!  To be honest I wasn’t very active or physical during my pregnancy. For the first four months, I was so nauseous that I could barely leave the house, and once that was over, my baby bump was a bit too large for me to surf on.  I don’t do much work outs besides surfing and occasionally yoga, lets just say I may have over indulge in the laziness during my pregnancy.  I did try to walk a lot, but I felt like I was so exhausted all the time!  I let myself eat pretty much what I wanted, and I ate a lot.  Like 2 portions a meal a lot…..so doing that for 40 weeks, then coming into Pure Barre I was headed for a beat down!

All the ladies at PURE BARRE HONOLULU at KAHALA MALL are uber friendly and are always so happy!  They put you in a mood where you are excited about your work out!  Which is exactly what I need!  Their studio is super clean and nice, and in an extremely convenient location!  In Kahala mall! I live fairly close to there, so I can just zip right on over!

I took my first class with Lia, and she really worked with me to make sure I had the movements and everything down.  It was amazing to have that guidance!  The goal is to get the “shakes” going in your muscles, and boy were my legs shaking away!  I felt like I was going to collapse!  It just goes to show how out of shape I was.  I continued to go twice a week, and in-between that I tried to surf as much as possible, did yoga twice a week, and did some stair exercises.  I honestly thought I would get back into shape a lot quicker, but I am starting to accept the fact that it took me 40 weeks to get here I can’t bounce back after just 4 weeks of working out.  It is going to take time.  But they all say that we are own worst critics right?  All of my friends and family have said that I look great and that I lost a lot of weight, which I am super thankful for!  But to my own standards, I have a long ways to go!  And I won’t give up!  Breast feeding a baby, working, and watching a baby all day everyday leaves me really little to no energy at the end of the day and honestly a lot of the times, the last thing on my mind is working out.  I’d rather sleep and rest!  Right?!  But after every work out I do, I always feel better, more positive, and I know I am taking a tiny step closer to my goal!  I just gotta keep fighting!

Thank you PURE BARRE HONOLULU at KAHALA MALL for giving me this opportunity!  I hope I can keep shaking with you guys!































































































This is when I first started Barre, and now here I am with my Baby Noa!  Still lots of work to go but like I said, I just gotta not give up!


Alyssa Wooten