Aloha! Did you guys hear about the huracane that might come? Let’s pray that we are all safe! Well the winds sure did pick up! Well i don’t know if you guys know but I really love to take pictures! I would love to work for a magazine and shoot photos from a contest scene! That would be my dream job! Let me show you some of my work.

This is Sister and Alessa! We basically surf together everyday.

I was walking home from Sister’s house one day and I saw these beautiful flowers! I just had to snap a couple of pictures before I returned home. Well that’s all for now I’ll talk to you laters!
Hajimemashite! Watashino namae wa Alyssa Wooten desu! Watashi wa halfu dakara nihongo mo shebareruno! watshi moto toshi ni natara nihon ni ite surfing o ikitaidesu! Nihon itakoto arukedo, Tokyo ni ikimashita! Itoko to harajuku de okaimono ikimashita! Sungoku omoshiro! Purikara mo ipai! Tabemono mo ipai tabeta yo!

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Aloha everyone! Hope you guys had a woderful weekend! I’m sure I did, even though it rained on us a couple of times! Well any way my Friend Spencer Suitt is a Sales Represenetive for Rip Curl and he helps me out! He takes really nice pictures and even lets me borrow his camera somtimes! He has a wife named Hiromi and she surfs as well. They are expecting to have a baby boy by then end of November. I am so excited for them!

One day my Friend Lisa and I caught the bus from town to the North Shore with out bicycles! We meet Spencer at Waimea and he took these photos, check it out!

That’s Spencer and his Wife Hiromi. Nice yea?

We had a contest at Ehukai and we just got some killer shots! The water was so nice that day!

This was the same day, Those girls are my surf sisters! Sister and Alessa!

This was at Queens for the Uncle China’s Rip curl Wahine contest. I trained really hard this summer and it really paid off. I competed in that contest for three years and in my third year I Finally made the girls shortboard final! I was really stoked! Alessa won and I got second, It was a big acomplishment for me!

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** タイトル無し **

Aloha! I’m so excited to start a new blog on Go! Well Let me introduce my self! My name is Alyssa Wooten and I’m Sixteen years old. I live in Kaimuki, and I’m a junior at Kaimuki High school. I’ve been surfing for about 3 years now and I love it! I usually surf Kewalos, a sweet little spot on the south shore of Oahu. I see my best friend Kelia Moniz, also know as Sister, almost everyday there. Sister and I do everything together! I’m very blessed to have her and her family in my life. One day Sister and I want to open our own little boutique selling clothes and Jewlery that we made and designed. When I graduate High school I want to become a Professional surfer and travel around the world. I’m currently working very hard to reach that goal. If that doesn’t happen I do have a back-up plan. I’m gonna go to college and study business, marketing, Fashion design, Graphic Design, and Photography. I just need to pick one. I love to do all these things and would like to incorperate them with my surfing! Well I’ll share more with you later for now Peace, Love, and Surf!

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