Hawaiian Airlines X Maui Film Festival and The Taste of Wailea

Hey guys!  My little ohana had the opportunity to go to Maui Film Festival and The Taste of Wailea on Maui with Hawaiian Airlines!  Noa is almost at his 3 month mark, and I was pretty nervous about traveling with him, but to my surprise Noa did amazing on his first flight!  Granted it was only a 40 minute flight but with the friendly staff, comfy seats, and breath taking views it was truly a breeze!  Noa fell asleep in my arms and woke up shortly before we landed.  Grandma Pearl picked us up at OGG and were off to Grandmas hale in Makawao.  She had a delicious dinner waiting, then in the morning we were off to Hana with our friend Kelly.

やっほ〜このしゅまつ私のあたらしちさいかぞくがマウイとうにいくチャンスがありました、Hawaiian Airlines といしょうに!Maui Film Festival と The Taste of Wailea にさそわりましたから、ぜっひさんんかしたいっておもいました!ノアくんはまだ三月もたってないから、けっこきんちょしたけど、Hawaiian Airlines ならあんしんできますね!スタフはとってもやさしくって、せっきはきこちがようくって、ひこうきからのけしきがとってもキレイ〜!!!ノアくんもしゅぱつするときからねって、つくちょとまえにおきました!とってもかんしゃ!ありがとうノアくん!笑ついたらクリスのおばちゃんがむかえにきってくれって、いえについたらもごはんがようしってありました!ラーキ〜⭐︎あさおきって私のともだちといしょうにハナにむかえにいきました!



































































































We went to Red Sand Beach, Hamoa, jumped into some water falls, and enjoyed some yummy Thai food for lunch!  Then it was back to Grandmas house for dinner then were headed to Lahaina for some surf in the morning!


























































We went to 1,000 peaks and had fun switching off on longboards!  Even Noa got into the water and took his shot at standing up!

1,000 peaks というところでみんなでロング!ノアくんもちょとはえりましたよ!かわいいかった〜!



















We then headed to our Hotel that Hawaiian Airlines put us up in, The Fairmont Kea Lani in Wailea!  From the moment we got out of our I really felt welcomed and comfortable.  The Fairmont Kea Lani seems to be extremely family friendly!  Spacious rooms, accommodating for babies, and convenient!         They offered me a texting program, where if I need anything or had questions I could just text them, and they would answer!  It was awesome, and extremely helpful!  Our room was waiting for us with a crib, baby waste bin, baby travel amenities, and a welcome dessert plate!  AWESOME!  After we got settled our baby sitter Kelly came over to take over and Chris and I were out for date night to The Taste of Wailea!  We haven’t had a night to ourselves in a while, so we were really excited!

サーフィンおわったら Hawaiian Airlines からのステイが The Fairmont Kea Lani in Wailea でした!ワオ〜!とってもきれいなホテル!くるまからおりたしゅんかんからとってもいいかんじ!とってもかぞくにむいってるホテルです!だってへいにはいってらもベビベッド、ベッビダイパーのごみばこ、とベビーのtravel amenities がよいしてあったの!ありがたいです!それっとデザットも!うれし〜!!ちょとじゅんびしてからケリーちゃんがきってノアくんのめんどをみってくれました!それでクリスとアリッサがいしょうにMaui Film Festival and The Taste of Waileaへむかっていきました!たのしみ!




































Our hotel had shuttle that went directly to the event site!  The event was beautiful and had an energy that couldn’t be found on Oahu.  It is held on a section of a golf course in Wailea, and everyone was happy, kind and smiling!  Each tent was from a different business / restaurant and offered different “tastes” or small plates!  It’s great because you can sample what each restaurant has to offer and eat many different varieties!  There was a lot of pretty drinks that I enjoyed too!  After we all had our fill of delicious foods and drinks, we made our way down onto the event site for The Maui Film Festival!

ホテルからシャトルがあったからそれにのりました、イベントはとってもいいバイブでしたよ〜みんなわらたりたべたり〜ゴルフコスのうえでいろんだレストラントがちさい”テスト”をだしってるの!だからいろんなおいしものがいっぱいたべれるの!かわいいのみものもあったよ〜!おもしろい!クリスと私いっぱいおいしものたべれってしあわせでした〜たべおわったらつぎは Maui Film Festival へ〜!























































































































Just right down the hill, and an amazing concept!  Everyone had beach chairs and or blankets laid out on the grass infant of a large screen where the film would be projected underneath the stars!  Its so romantic and fun!  The first film was A Comedy About Tragedy : Dean , which stared comedian Demetri Martin.  I really enjoy his comedy so I was excited to watch his film!  It was nice to have a belly full of yummy food, and just enjoy the movie underneath the stars with Chris.  I would LOVE to have another night like that again very soon!


After the movie we were reunited with our Baby Noa, and went to sleep as a family.  Thank you to Kelly for watching him for us!  In the morning we went for an early morning beach walk, jumped into the pool, enjoyed some breakfast buffet, and were off to the airport!


Checking in was a breeze with the kind Hawaiian Airlines staff, and we all knocked out on the flight home, after I enjoyed the favorite part of my inter island flight home that is! Passion Orange Nector Juice! Then we were back on Oahu!  Back to reality!

チェクインはあいからずかんたんで、みんなつかれてたからすぐひこうきのったら三人でねちゃいました笑ねるまえは私が大好きなPassion Orange Nector~ Juiceをいただきました!あっというまえにつきました!

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Thank you to Hawaiian Airlines for letting us go on our first official family vacation and making it an unforgettable one!  From the beginning to the very end it was truly amazing!  Our family loves Maui and we would like to move there someday so it was great to get a little sample of the good life!  Can’t wait to come back, and to even experience more inter island family fun!

Hawaiian Airlines にはとってもおおきありがとうございました!さいしょうのかぞくりょこさいこうでした!うちのかぞくはマウイとうがだいすきなのでいつかそこにひこうしたいっておもっています!またはやうちにあそびにきたいです!それとほかのしまにも!!アロハ〜!

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Ray Blas Photography

Ray and I got together to shoot some maternity photos right before I popped!  It’s been 2 months since I gave birth and looking back on these photos, its pretty hard to believe that I got that big!  I am huge!  I gained about 40 pounds, just about 5 pounds over what they said was recommended.   When ever I talked to friends from Hawaii and the mainland they say that they gained even more then that, and that it is fine!  But when I talked to friends and family from Japan, it seemed no one gained more then 25 pounds.  It kind of made me worry about losing the weight postpartum.  How about everyone out there?  What are your experiences with weight gain during pregnancy and how fast did you loose it?  Talk to me!  I have so many questions for all you mommies out there!  And please ask me anything you might be wondering about too! Please send questions comments or anything here : CONTACTALYSSAWOOTEN@GMAIL.COM  Will answer questions here on my blog, I promise to be more active on here!

こないだルアイさんと私は マタネチーの撮影をしました!これはほうんとうにうむ。。。いしゅかんまえときにとりました!アリッサとってもでっかいでしょう!笑とくにおなか!ノアがそのなかにずっといたのってすごいね。ふしぎ!私はふつの weight より 40 pounds ぐらいふとりました。それをキロにしたらどのぐらいだっけ。。。ハワイとマインランドのともだちにはなしたら40 pounds なんかどったことないよっていわれました!ふつふつって!けど日本からのともだちにはなしたらみんな25 poundsよりはふとらなっかったって!ほうんとうに?!ってかんじ!ちゃんとまえみたいにもどれるのかな〜とかしんぱいしたりするみんなは?私はしていました。みんなはどのぐらいふとった?いろんなしつもんがあるな〜そこにいるみんなのママたちに!!!私にもなんでもきってきください!ここに!CONTACTALYSSAWOOTEN@GMAIL.COM ここのブログでこたいるね!!まっています!これからまったブログがんばるので、どうもよろしくおねがいします!このごろやっていなくってどうもすいませんでした。


*** I will say that although I was really worried about my appearance, which is selfish and at the same time totally understandable, Chris and I are very blessed and thankful because we had a really healthy pregnancy, a normal delivery without any major problems, and most of all a healthy baby Boy.  I am so thankful that I was able to grow and nurture my baby inside of me, it truly is a miracle and I am so thankful, I feel so lucky.

***からだのイメジーをしんぱいしてたのは、人によっていじゅぶんのことだけでかんがえってるとかおもちゃかもしれないけど、きもちわっかってくれる 人もいるとおもいます、それわりには、とってもラッキーです、アリッサとクリス。私のpregnancyはとってもヘルシでしたの、deliveryもむずかしプロブレムとかはなかったです、それでいちばんかんしゃしているのはけんこなあかちゃんがちゃんとうまれました。ほうんとうにほうんにかんしゃですよね。*日本語でどやって私のきもちをつたえるのがちょとむずかしかってです、このぶんしょう。ごめんなさい。とりあえずけんこなPregnancy でほうんとうにかんしゃしていますってつたいたかっての、からだはしんぱいしてたわりには、けんどうならそれでよいっておもっていました。けんこがいちばん。

All photos are from my Buddy RAY BLAS !! Check out his wife’s Swimwear line Kainani Swimwear!

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