Ilikai Massage and Spa!

I go to Ilikai Massage and Spa regularly for massages and facials 💕 they are not only about pampering you like other spas but they educate you on how to take care of your skin and body and how to prevent more damage! Thank you for always teaching me all that you know ladies! They also had this amazing smoothie mix! Just add water or milk and bam! You got yourself a delicious drink 😘

Alyssa Wooten

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Artemis Villa Bali

やっほ〜こないだまで 私は @lovekimiko ちゃんといしょうにバリにあそびにっていました!セミンヤックでとまってきかいは ARTEMIS VILLA っていうよいとこれでとまてたの!なんねんかまえにここにとまったことがあって、とってもよいおもいでがあって、またあそびにいきたいな〜っておもていました!スタフもみんなフレンドリーでおへやもとってもアットーホムなきもちにらます〜。

@lovekimiko and I were lucky enough to stay at ARTEMIS VILLA during our trip to Bali while we stayed in Seminyak.  I stayed here during a work trip several years back and I just had to come back again!  All of their staff were extremely friendly, and you really just felt like home and safe while you were at Artemis.  Artemis offers something for everyone, such as Villas, apartment style rooms, long stay villas, hotel style rooms etc.  A lot of the villas come with their own pool, but there is a large main pool in the center of the property that is for everyone to use, that is right in front of the restaurant where breakfast is served!


Entrance : Villa Artemis


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As you can see, Artemis Villa is extremely photogenic! みればわかるとおもうけど、ARTEMIS VILLA はとってもフォトゲニク!

Our Villa! We had a 2 bed room villa with our own pool and private entrance.


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Our room was so photogenic!  Along with the whole property!  Outfit by UNIBAZAR


This is the main pool in the center of property and the restaurant right behind the pool!


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You get 4 choices for breaky : Continental, American, Japanese, and Indonesian!  I love that their is a Japanese choice!  Of course that is what I got my first morning at Artemis!  All the food is cooked after you order  it and comes with fresh fruit and juice! YUM!

あさごはんは 4チョイス:Continental, American, Japanese, and Indonesian!チョイスはほっとんど、おちゃー/コヒー、ジュス、とフルツもつくんだよ!あさからうれしです〜!




Here I am enjoying an Indonesian Breakfast choice : Nasi Goreng = Fried Rice! Comes with Juice fruit and I got my tea iced! unspecified-220

@lovekimiko here enjoying an American Breakfast, comes with fruit, juice, and coffee!  Amanda loves here Coffee alright!


Japanese Breakfast!  I can’t really live a day without eating Japanese rice. じつは、私いちにちもにほんごはんわぬけられないの!さいすきすぎる!

Here is a villa designed for long stay customers. これはビラータイプでロングスタイするようなおけくさんようだよ!

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These rooms come with bed rooms bath room living room and complete kitchen!


This is a Villa with 2+ bed rooms and their vary large private pool!


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There was a sweet Hibiscus and Plumeria Tree hanging over the pool so the pool was like a flower bath!  Best afternoon dip and great way to cool off from that Bali heat!


Also at night the kitchen / restaurant area comes and turns into a bit of a hang out amongst guests! Have cocktails and play some pool!


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The main road is only a 2-5 minute walk from Artemis Villa, and is really easy to get around!  So basically its perfect!  Haha comfortable accommodations, great location, amazing staff, what more can you ask for? Hope you guys can get a chance to stay at ARTEMIS VILLA one day soon!

マインなみちから ARTEMIS VILLA からあるいたら2−5ふんぐらい!ちかいでしょう!かんぺっき!みいんなみいつか ARTEMIS VILLA にあそびにいってくださいね!


Alyssa Wooten

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