Warm Sun: Life is so Good…

sometimes i start earlier, sometimes i start later. it all depends on Mother Nature. i knew it was going to be a chilly morning so we started later. and it was perfect because the sun popped out and warmed us all up. any earlier than this would have been too cold!

look how blue the sky was! and we had the whole beach to ourselves! i tell everybody, “pay attention on the beach because once you paddle out, you will forget everything i taught you.” haha. yeah, it always happens.

the conditions were absolutely perfect for our level of surfers. super calm and very fun waves. nothing to freak out about. here are the 6 of us hanging out in the sea. nobody came near us because they were too scared. haha.

throwing the thumbs up. i like to see this because it shows some confidence. and confidence is very important in surfing.

and love the smooth rides all the way in. look how beautiful it was!

if you challenge yourself to surf, your life will only get better.

and double the shaka means double the pleasure.

turning left on your very first surf session. amazing.

side shot looking at Waikiki.

calm and cool is pretty dam cool.

bend your knees and looking forward is the key to surfing success. perfect!

and yes, the smiles went on like this all day. thank you again boys for the wonderful day! keep on surfing and keep on smiling!

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November 21, 2017 Hawaii Surf Report

Breakfast time. Itadakimasu!

Good morning 6am.
North shore 6’ from the North. Laniakea best but still bumpy.
Ala Moana knee high and clean.
Diamond Head waist high and clean.
North winds at 15mph.
Sunny and cool.
Have a wonderful day!

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Five First Timers…

had a great time with the boys from Tokyo! cool guys that surfed for the very first time of their lives today!

Ikeuchi-san on his first wave! perfect balance and perfect style. can’t believe it was his first time surfing.

Nishimoto-san paddled into the biggest wave of the day. stood up and rode it perfectly. it’s a huge accompaniment to be able to catch a big wave at the perfect timing on your first day of surfing.

Takeda-san was the only goofy footer of the group. look at this amazing goofy scenery!

Kurihara-san caught a lot of waves today. even he caught one on his own. amazing.

Katsuhara-san was the youngest so i put him on the shortest board. and the shorter the board, the faster he would go!

yeah, i saw some very nice smiles on 5 happy men today. it was awesome watching each and every one of them enjoying their first ride in the ocean. and yeah, we also got to see the dolphins jumping outside. so nice!

ended it off with some warm pho. i’m sure the boys went back to their hotel for a nice long nap.

watching Joshua Moniz going all the way to the quarter finals in the Haleiwa Pro was a treat. some stress for us family, but that’s what competition is all about. congratulations Josh!

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