Ohayo Gozaimasu to Salamat Pagi!

ohayo gozaimasu. finally got some wifi! yeah!
gosh, it seemed like so long ago i left hawaii. the last time i started up the bike was the last time i traveled. hope to start it up more often!
and forgot how it felt to wait standby on a full flight. the first time i did it, i was totally stressed out. now, i just go with the flow. if it happens, it happens. if not, not. can’t fight it.
woke up at 3am in osaka because it was already 8am in hawaii. so took a walk out side until the sun came up.
and had my favorite breakfast!
then took a drive to the beach because i heard there were waves. i could sit here at isounora for hours watching this. japan surf culture at it’s finest.
i tried to count how many people were out but lost count at 200. way more than that! no wonder people love hawaii so much. it’s never like this.
stopped over for marutaya! yeah!
this has to be the best ramen in the world!
then back to the airport. another day, another flight.
in the past 2 days, i’ve been on 2 airplanes. and now i’m sitting at haneda airport getting on another one soon. then another one soon after that. my miles must be adding up!
didn’t expect to come to tokyo. so i had to borrow a nice shirt from Kimura-san and brought some yamari shirasu along with me.
had an awesome time in ginza last night with friends. great food and lots of laughs. woke up early this morning and headed to the airport in the dark.

by the next blog i post, i should be in indonesia! salamat pagi!

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