Happy Surfing Family Day!

wow, i’m so lucky again! i got to teach 11 year old Ayumi-chan and her mom how to surf today! i just love days like today when i can see the beautiful smiles through surfing.

Ayumi-chan was kind of freaking out when we caught her first wave. she was surprised, and at the same time, super stoked! mixed feelings huh? haha.

then once she felt what it was like to glide on the ocean naturally, the golden smile came out.

then it was mom’s turn. Hiragi-san stood up perfectly on her first wave of her life! super good balance!

another day, another wave, and another happy face.

found out later that Hiragi-san is a hula dancer. no wonder her balance was absolutely perfect!

i act like a kook to get the kids laughing and feeling comfortable. imagine at the end of the wave their surf instructor falling off the board? haha.

i’m pretty sure every kid thinks i’m the worst surfer in the world. haha.

but kids can think what ever they want of me so long i can get a smile like this. priceless!

great surfing Ayumi-chan! keep on surfing and keep on laughing at me. haha.

now that mother and daughter surfed for their first time, i’m sure they will be much more connected in the nature.

then Ayumi-chan wanted to eat a locomoco so we went to eat the best locomoco on the island. thank you girls for the wonderful day!

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Ski Surfer

12 year old Souichiro-kun has been skiing since he was 1 year old. yesterday was his first time surfing and he was so excited! but when we paddled out, i think he wasn’t use to being in the ocean because he looked very concerned. haha. so cute!

then when he caught his first wave, he was so stoked! he was smiling the whole way!!! haha. how perfect is his style? perfect!

and the high five finish! look at Souichiro-kun’s smile.

then it was Ikeda-san’s turn. he got up on his very first wave and surfed it perfectly. he was so stoked too!

the golden smile after the golden ride.

the kid kept on catching some really good waves. look at him go!!!

and Ikeda-san too! perfect ride and perfect day with Diamond Head in the back.

i absolutely love teaching kids surfing for the first time. i wish i can teach every kid in the world how to surf!

thank you Souichiro-kun and Ikeda-san for the amazing afternoon. good weather, good waves, good smiles, and good memory. keep on surfing!

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