Fast Moving Life

Was happy to see my whole family down at Haleiwa bright and early in the morning. We were all so excited to watch Seth making a step towards his dream. And the beautiful rainbow greeted us all! Hi Kelia!

When Seth didn’t advance, I looked at my watch and said “um, I might be able to make the next flight”. So I went home to grab my passport and headed to the airport. Got on the flight and sat down to unwind. Started off with sparkling water and nuts. Then when my dessert came out, it was total happiness! This is my favorite! And I just love that spoon!

This is the reason why I like flying to Nagoya. Once the door opens, I can get through customs and out of the airport in 5 minutes. Very convenient and user friendly. Narita or Kansai sometimes takes me 3 hours.

Anyway, have a couple of things to do and I’ll be heading out shortly after. Life is fast, and life is good. Don’t blink or you might miss something!

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Omedeto Gozaimasu

the whole world was watching this kid all year long. everybody except the current WCT surfers wanted to see him make it. next years WCT schedule came out and Seth has no weaknesses in every stop on the tour. from big barrels, to small beach breaks. from wave pools to point breaks. this kid has it all and the only person who can beat him is himself. once he works on that, nobody will beat him.

family support. this is what Hawaii is all about.

congratulations again Seth. the world is yours! and congratulations Coach Raynos. i’m super stoked for you. your coaching excellence is priceless. see you on the beach at Sunset Beach next week!

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if you asked me 20 years ago when Seth Moniz was only 1 year old, i would have told you “this kid is going to be a World Champion. honestly, i didn’t know in what sport, but i knew because of the support he’s had from his family and older siblings. i knew he was going to get pushed around by his 3 older brothers and 1 older sister. i saw it from the day he was born. he had the fire in his eyes as he wouldn’t back down to anyone, including Micah who was 3x bigger than him. so yeah, fast forward 20 years and this kid is on the right track to greatness. he made the semi-finals this morning and lost, but won big because he qualified for the big league WCT tour next year. that was the main goal this year so mission accomplished.

i remember watching Michael Ho, Sunny Garcia, Johnny Boy Gomes, and other real Hawaiians as i was growing up. the beach and the whole island of Hawaii would back them up in every contest. well this morning, i saw that Hawaiian Ohana magic come back. it gave me chicken skin seeing and hearing the crowd cheer for Seth. it made me proud to be Seth’s uncle, and even more proud to be a part of this whole Hawaiian vibe. in 2019, there will be a young hungry Hawaiian/Japanese crushing WCT giants. i’m already clearing up my schedule because i want to be a part of his legacy, i want to be a part of his joy, and i also want to be a part of the hard times that come with all of that. congratulations Seth Moniz for making Hawaii and Japan proud! i love you kid… omg, i think i’m going to cry so better go. see ya…

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