Thursday August5日 2021年

Merry Go Around

i’m really enjoying these very peaceful and simple days.  i can finally hang out with friends and use my toys without anything to worry about.  it’s the longest, but best vacation of my life!

when i first started foiling, one of my goals was to be able to pump around like a bunny rabbit.  now that i can do it, i don’t have to paddle back to the beach, or to the boat.  i practice that technique by making circles around Mayuki.

it’s pretty fun, but very tiring.

i can do about 3 circles before my legs start to burn.

then when i’m out of breath, i ride a wave back to the lineup and keep on foiling.  i just love the feeling of flying like a bird.  the ocean seems 100x wider now!

A Hawaiian Birthday Party

Kaira’s birthday party was super fun.  good to see all the Moniz boys and girls.  so good to see everybody having fun.  and so good to see the “all you can eat” sushi bar.  i was standing in front the whole night eating everything!  

the princess from the Disney movie “Frozen” showed up and the kids were super happy!   you should have seen their faces when she arrived.  it was so cute…

these kids are going to grow up being the best of friends.  there is so much love flowing in the air at Micah’s house.  

Keahi is only 1 year old.  he can’t even talk yet so he just pointed at the scooter so i got it for him.  then he brought me his helmet so i put it on his head.  then he got on the scooter and was scooting all around.  he even tried to go up the skateboard ramp.  and this kid is only 1 year old!!!

August 4, 2021 Hawaii Surf Report

Yesterday’s wave of the day…

Good morning 4:30am.
Ala Moana waist to chest high and good.
Diamond Head shoulder high and bumpy.
Trade winds at 25mph.
Sunny with rainbows.
Going to surf.
Have a wonderful day!