Hokkaido Surf Report

Small, clean, and very cold. No sand, only snow. It’s really beautiful nature.

Hokkaido: Next Destination

I’m having a wonderful time in Hokkaido.  I’ve been here many times but it’s always during peak winter time.  It’s usually straight from the airport to the powder snow of Niseko, then back to the airport.  So yes, it’s been hardcore up until now.  For this trip, things are much different.  Much slower pace and just going with the flow.  Getting in some snowboard sessions in Niseko, hanging out with friends, and just breathing the fresh air.

The snow isn’t as good as peak winter time, but it’s still good enough for me.  I had no idea you could still snowboard in mid-April.  And now I know, I’ll be back for sure.  Flying down empty mountains is pretty amazing!   And it’s so warm.

Want to thank Takahashi-san and Lina-chan for being excellent guides.  I feel safe in the mountains where I usually don’t feel so safe.  

The snow is melting and the flowers are blooming.  This one is actually edible.

I’m usually the one getting dropped off at the airport but this time, I dropped off Takahashi-san and Lina-chan as they head to Bali.  Had a great time with you guys!    I put some spots in the navi and it’s time to explore Hokkaido like I’ve never explored it before.

First stop is Otaru.  This is the first time I’m driving a Land Cruiser and it’s a very smooth and comfortable ride.  It makes long drives kind of fun.

For lunch, I found this little bistro that supposed to have the best omelet rice.  And yes, it was the best omelet rice.

For dessert, this building looked interesting so walked right in.  

OMG, the best snow puffs ever!  Back to the hotel, jumped in the sauna, then ice bath, then the onsen.  I feel as fresh as can be.  Inputing some coordinates into the navi and heading east for a 4 hour drive to the next destination.  Have a wonderful day!

Midnight Diner

Real Japan culture. Good food and great atmosphere.