May 22, 2019 Hawaii Surf Report

Secret spot in Bali.  Tony Moniz flying like a bird…

Good morning 6:15am.

Ala Moana head high and perfect!  Nice South swell!

Diamond Head overhead and perfect.

No wind so nice morning conditions.  Afternoon onshore breezes.

Sunny and hot Summer day.

Going surfing and foiling.

Have a wonderful day!

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Bali to Yamari to En to KIX

want to thank Kimura-san for picking me up at Kansai Airport.  i think i had to much luggage for the train this time.

always happy to see Kimura-san.  and will be happier when he finally comes back to Hawaii!  everybody is waiting for you so better book your ticket!

this was my breakfast.   everything i could ever dream of!

Naohiro works hard and plays hard.  here he is playing with his Nova station wagon.  wish i had that in Hawaii.

for the past 20 plus years, this family has been like my family.  going to Yamari is like coming home.  thank you Kimura-san, Atsuko-san, and Naohiro for the years of love…

when ever Kimura-san knows i’m going to Wakayama, he automatically books a reservation for En.  and Master is waiting for us with the freshest and authentic food Japan has to offer.

i wanted to eat sashimi so he pulled out a couple live fish from the tank.

check out this flounder.

and here it is!  my favorite fish liver!!!  so creamy and so delicious!

not too many places in the world has fresh fish like this.  coming back from Bali, this was a dream dinner for me.

and since i didn’t eat any meat in Bali, this beef sashimi hit the spot.

when ever i go to Bali, i try to make my transit through Kansai.  12 hours at other airports is torture, but not here!

thank you Naohiro for the ride to the airport.  i had a great English lesson with you.  i’d have to say that you are pretty good to understand my English.  haha.  see you guys again soon!

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