Sunday June26日 2022年

Low to High

after yesterdays box jellyfish infestation, everybody thought today would be even more.  BUT, there were zero jellyfish!  and only 2 guys out when we got out so lucky Friday!

and once again, the waves were absolutely perfect!  warm, sunny, and funny!

Yuki-san started short boarding and got pretty good already.

Toda-san surfing with POWER!

low tide mornings so very shallow!

then we went somewhere else to surf this afternoons high tide.  it was even better!!!

Family Joyful Day

the waves were perfect yesterday afternoon for the girls and boys.  Kylah on her first wave in a year.  go girl!

Hawaii is the best place in the world to learn how to surf.  it’s warm, beautiful, challenging, and exciting.  Kylah loves it!

if you’re a 9 year old girl, the ocean can freak you out.  so the only way to overcome that fear is to look forward, not behind.  haha.  when i told Kaydence the waves were small, she didn’t believe me.  BUT, she was determined to ride a wave.

and once we got up, it was fearless surfing.

Kaydence was smiling and screaming with joy!

such a cutie!  a new surfer girl!

Papa Shawn riding one till the end.

Channing is only 13 and very brave.  she kept on wanting to ride more and more.

Sawyer is a natural.  this is only her 2nd time surfing and her style is perfect.

thank you girls and boys for the wonderful afternoon.  enjoy Hawaii and keep on surfing!

June 24, 2022 Hawaii Surf Report

Summer flowers showering my yard…

Delicious sushi melting in my mouth…

Good morning 3:30am.
Ala Moana waist with chest high sets and good.
Diamond Head chest high and bumpy.
Trade winds at 20mph.
Sunny and warm.
Going to the sea.
Have a wonderful day!