Hey Guys! Well we are half way through the week! The days seem longer when your in school trust me!

This my long time Pal Brittney, I have known her for so long! Since we were in elemantry school. She really fun!

Today we had picture taking, another thing most kids dread. Every year my school picture comes out…not too good. Haha!

This is Sini. He is also a long time pal, I have known him Since elemantary days, and who would of had known he will be our Junior class President! Yeah Sini!

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Hey guys! Today was still a little bit on the rainy side.[:雨:] Yet I still went to the beach! My friend Chip picked me up around lunch time, It was really fun, and not that crowded either! Lucky![:四葉:] Well school is tomorow, and i have to get to bed! Peace![:チョキ:]

These are my Friends Tory and Napua. I used to work with them at the Quicksilver Boardriders club in Waikiki.
Tory is a straigth up ripper! We were at the contest supporting the Quicksilver team. We made finals! Yeah!

This is Nat. She was in the contest with Tory, her first wave, she got a barrel! She also rips really hard! We have been friends for a really long time!

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Hey guys! Today is a little bit on the rainy side but nothing stops me from going to the beach! Haha My friend Carin is going to pick me up then we are going to have a picnic on the beach, watch the jets, then we are gonna have an afternoon seshion! Should be fun! Well I will post some pictures up soon!
Ohaiyo gozaimasu! Kyo chotto tenkui ga waru ke do mo mada umi ikimasu! [:曇りのち雨:] Kyo picnic o yarimasu![:おにぎり:] Sungoku tanoshimi! Kino nami ga ata kare, picnic ga wata toki ni matu surfing o ikimasu! Mina mo tonoshiku osonde ne? Peace! [:チョキ:]
I just wanted to show some my pictures my friend Kaz took of me at the last swell, This was at Bowls! Hes a really good photographer!

That’s Sister and I , we surf like everyday almost!

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