Aloha! Well every one how was your day? I had a really fun one! I spent it with my friend Lisa, she is a junior at kaimuki, like me, and we share the same intrests, such as photography, the beach, and flowers! SHe is super cool, we spent a lot of the summer together! During the summer we did Junior Life Gaurds, it was really fun and we became really good friends with the instructures.

This was the last day of the Jr. Life Gaurd Program, that’s Eli, and my friend Lisa.

Lisa is a really good photographer, look at some of the pictures she took! This was on the north shore, we had to get some shave ice!

This was another one, right outside of her house!

One day we went to waikiki to hang out, haha then we went totake pictures on the “Wave”! We are such kooks!

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Aloha everyone! Well I got my pictures fixed! So now I can show you guys What I have been talking about! The last couple of days I have been catching up with my school and taking it really easy!

This is myy friend Virginia! She took me every where! She was a really good hotesss, I’m so stoked I got to spend the weekend with her!

On Kauai everything was so green! I loved it! Even the air smellt so good! Haha! JUst look at it!

This was one of the signs, Kauai is a lot different from Oahu! Oahu is so much like the city compared to Kauai!

Virginai took me to a place called “Spouting Horns”? I think? It was a little up the beach from Pk’s and it remined me of the blow hole on Oahu!

I don’t know if you guys have ever been to Kauai, but there are chickens everywhere, wild!

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Hey guys! I just got back from Kauai last night. Luckily the Moniz’s were on the same flight as me! Thanks again guys! Kauai was really fun, I met a lot of new friends and surfed a couple of news spots! I didn’t do too well but I will learn from my mistakes. My friend Virginia drove me around everywhere! She took me all over and showed me around, Thanks Virg! I can’t wait till the next Nssa at Kauai! Well my pictures are still having trouble downloading so I will do my best to fix that, Ok well see you guys soon!

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