Family Joyful Day


the waves were perfect yesterday afternoon for the girls and boys.  Kylah on her first wave in a year.  go girl!

Hawaii is the best place in the world to learn how to surf.  it’s warm, beautiful, challenging, and exciting.  Kylah loves it!

if you’re a 9 year old girl, the ocean can freak you out.  so the only way to overcome that fear is to look forward, not behind.  haha.  when i told Kaydence the waves were small, she didn’t believe me.  BUT, she was determined to ride a wave.

and once we got up, it was fearless surfing.

Kaydence was smiling and screaming with joy!

such a cutie!  a new surfer girl!

Papa Shawn riding one till the end.

Channing is only 13 and very brave.  she kept on wanting to ride more and more.

Sawyer is a natural.  this is only her 2nd time surfing and her style is perfect.

thank you girls and boys for the wonderful afternoon.  enjoy Hawaii and keep on surfing!