The Battle: Foil vs. Kayak


it’s been a very long time since i touched my foil.   so i was a little concerned on how i would reconnect.  not nervous, just curious…

Takami-san on a beautiful wave in the afternoon.

red surfboard, white bikini, blue sky, and emerald water.  this is postcard perfect!

happy to fly with Toda-san again!

looking down onto my foil, i always think about what would happen if someone hits it?  i’m pretty sure it won’t be good.

i’m a little bit rusty so if you see me in the water, you better stay far away!

i was around with my foil and this kayak tried to challenge me.  a kayak is like a scooter and a foil is like an airplane.  who do you think will win the battle?  i already know…