Luckiest Dolphin Day of our Lives…

since the waves were flat today, i thought it would be a good time to teach foiling. so loaded up Mayuki and headed out to the beautiful sea.

Toda-san was first. i know he’s still super nervous and super scared because i had that same feeling. so we started off slow.

then once we picked up speed, the foil came up and Toda-san got the ride of his life!

then Maki-san told me she wanted to try? what? Maki-san use to be a very cautious person but recently, something changed within herself. she’s living the “i only have one life” style which i love about her. high risk, high return!

Maki-san got up on her very first try! it was amazing!

then as i was towing Toda-san again, a pod of dolphins came to watch us have fun.

they were everywhere! so beautiful!

then we all jumped in and swam around. it was the first time i swam with such calm and cool dolphins. they were swimming around us for an hour.

throughout all these years in the ocean, i feel a cool connection with wildlife. i can feel it on the boat, but i can feel it more in their environment. so when ever i get the chance like this, i take it.

i was making my dolphin whisper noises under water and i could see them look at me so curiously. they were swimming around me so gracefully and so carefree. so i did the same and they would keep on coming closer and closer. it was another amazing moment. this normal Sunday turned out to be one of the best Sunday’s of my life…

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