Kanikapila is “Hawaiian Jam Session!”

in hawaiian, “kanikapila” means hawaiian music jam session. and that’s exactly what we did last night. it was the bbq, good food, good beers, good locals, and good music. thank you cousin Dino and Franky for playing music under the stars for us last night! that was an amazing molokai memory!
no matter where i go, i always wake up early to watch the sunrise. yesterday morning, it was raining and i still went to watch it. i thought there would be no way the sun would come out, but it did! i have a totally national geographic kind of photo you wouldn’t believe.
so this morning, we were out before 6am to watch the sun do her thing.
and when the sun came out, so did our sleepy smiles!
there is no better way to start off a day than this. welcome to the molokai sunrise!
we rented a van and this is what our backseat would look like after coming back from the little town.
last light made some honolulu style avocados in molokai. thank you Chifumi-san for all the fresh avocados!
it was Toda-san and Takami-san’s third time to molokai with me. and it was Maki-san’s first. and when you stay with cousin Dino and Minnie, they will make you feel like family. so it’s always sad to leave. but the cool thing is, we’re always welcomed there and i guarantee we will all be back. thank you Dino and Minnie for treating my friends like part of the family. this is part of the molokai style i want to share with the world. lot’s of aloha forever!
if you want to see blue, you can see blue.
and if you want to see green, you can see green.

flying back this evening was sad. then getting stuck in traffic from the airport to my house was even sadder. most of friends know it’s a big dream of mine to retire and live in molokai. but for now, i gotta work hard for that to happen. and the molokai memories is what’s keeping me going strong! good night and see you bright and early tomorrow morning.

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