Kelly Slater on Shun Murakami: OMGosh, Rad, Nuts, Insane!

February 1st, 2015 | by kirbyfukunaga

Japan’s young pro surfer Shun Murakami started surfing pipeline since he was 11 years old. years after year of getting only leftovers or getting dropped in on, he kept on coming back each year. never giving up, this kid kept on getting better and better.

the north shore of hawaii is the proving ground for surfers around the world. if you make it on the north shore, you will make it anywhere in the world. if you can’t, forget your surfing career. all us surfers know that it just takes 1 wave to make you famous. well, today, that 1 wave of the volcom pipeline pro belonged to Shun Murakami.

Screen shot 2015-02-01 at 10.30.06 AM
the contest is broadcasted live around the world wide web. millions are watching, including Kelly Slater sitting right at the volcom house fronting pipeline. as he was getting interviewed for his upcoming heat, a huge set wave was approaching as Shun took off.
Screen shot 2015-02-01 at 10.30.11 AM
Shun made the vertical drop as Kelly’s attention turned towards the wave.
Screen shot 2015-02-01 at 10.30.15 AM
Shun pulling under the thick lip as Kelly says “oh….”
Screen shot 2015-02-01 at 10.30.27 AM
Shun gains full control riding the perfect line in the barrel as Kelly says “oh… my…”
Screen shot 2015-02-01 at 10.30.34 AM
Shun disappears as the world world, including myself, thinks he got swallowed up by the wave. Kelly’s silent.
Screen shot 2015-02-01 at 10.30.30 AM
Shun is gone. no way he is going to make it out. Kelly is still silent.
Screen shot 2015-02-01 at 10.30.22 AM
then you see a shadow coming from behind as Shun reappears. Kelly is saying “oh.. my.. gosh!”
Screen shot 2015-02-01 at 10.30.36 AM
then you can see Shun getting shot out of the barrel. Kelly is now wondering who the heck this kid is?
Screen shot 2015-02-01 at 10.30.44 AM
Shun gets spit out and Kelly is saying “insane!”
Screen shot 2015-02-01 at 10.30.52 AM
Shun pulling out of the wave of his life with style and grace. Kelly is smiling.
Screen shot 2015-02-01 at 10.30.59 AM
then Kelly leans forward from his chair and says “wow, that was nuts! insane! rad!” all compliments from the world champion.
Screen shot 2015-02-01 at 10.32.24 AM
think about this: you have the whole world watching the volcom pipeline pro. just by chance, Kelly Slater is getting interviewed at that time while watching the contest live. right in front of him, you have this young japanese surfer that not too many people know about. yes, Shun was just on NHK TV in japan so people there know who he is, Shun also stayed at my house the first time he came to hawaii when he was 11 years old so my family and friends know him, and surfers on the north shore know Shun too. but after getting the best barrel of the day at pipeline today in front of millions of viewers, Shun Murakami stamped his name in the world of surfing.

a great day for this kid, a great day for japan surfing, and a great day for everybody who’s been supporting Shun all these years. tomorrow he will surf in round 4 and all eyes will be on him again. i’m so proud of this kid!

wake up early, turn on your computer to 8am hawaiian time, and watch live action. first heat is John John Florence vs. Bruce Irons vs. Seth Moniz. OMG! are you joking??? no i’m not so don’t miss it!


Volcom Pipe Pro: Wave of the Day!

February 1st, 2015 | by gonaminori

Shun Murakami 9.27 ride! OMG! Go-Shun!

First Fish

February 1st, 2015 | by kirbyfukunaga

it’s always great to see friends spear their first fish. the expression from start to finish is hilarious. i’m totally laughing inside because i know so well the feeling that comes with free diving. Reid and Yuko-chan never gave up. i did 60 dives yesterday, but i’m sure they did more. i just watched them go up, down, up, down all day long. they both speared their first fish ever and i’m sure it’s not their last. and i’m also sure they slept pretty well last night because i got tired watching them go up, down, up, down, up, and down. haha. by the way, thanks Reid for polishing Mayuki after. she looks so beautiful! and congratulations on your first fish. that was awesome!
Kole is regarded by some locals as the best tasting reef fish. sprinkle with salt and pepper, roll in corn starch, and deep fry until golden brown. taste like crispy fish chicken. dip it into butter and tastes like lobster. Yuko-chan and Reid took home their fish and i’m sure they will enjoy it.
our fresh catch of the day. spear, share, and enjoy.

i can’t wait to free dive again very soon! just have to wait a week until the nasty West winds go away. welcome to weird weather and weird wind winter season. always offshore somewhere!

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