Jago: A Life Underwater

i love watching documentary movies, especially if it has to do with culture. when i seen this photo for the movie cover, it reminded me of many times i actually seen guys like this free diving in places like Indonesia and the Philippines. i’m always fascinated by them and now i got see how they live their lives. lease watch this move “Jago: A Life Underwater.” it will blow your mind!

when they interviewed him, he was talking honestly about his wife. he said he chose not to pick the most beautiful woman as his wife on purpose. he said “if i was to marry one of them, they would walk all over me.”

then he followed up by saying “who i go hunting, they will go hunting as well.” haha. i couldn’t stop laughing!!!

then he started talking about the coral. “if we destroy the coral, they destroy us.” i’m a true believer of this and that’s why i cringe when i see people smashing the reef.

“if i can no longer hunt… i might as well be dead.”

i can totally relate to this man. i learned so much from this documentary and now i’m hoping to visit where he lives someday. i already researched how to get there and it will take me only 38 hours from Hawaii. can’t wait!


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Kirby’s Body Shop

after working in the morning in the ocean and working in the afternoon in my garage, i thought i’d treat myself to a nice dinner.

after dinner last night, i came home and worked on the truck in the pitch dark. i can’t sleep good unless things get done the right way so i went outside and did it the right way.

then 6am this morning i was working in the garage again. then jumped in the ocean to rince off and got barreled 3 times, then came home and continued the job.

finished before lunch. so completed the job in less than 24 hours. saved a lot of money and days without the truck so i think i made the right decision this time. i actually had fun doing the body work because i use to do this all the time in high school. so it brought back some good memories…

so stoked to find out that Rei-kun won the contest in Japan this past weekend!!! OMG, i coached this kid when he was still a little boy. so happy to see how far he’s come!

congratulations Rei-kun and Kaneko-san! you must be a stoked kid and an even more stoked Father! i’m so happy for you guys! see you again in Hawaii for some more boot camp training! peace!

borrowed a car this morning to go surf. after scoring good waves, i was leaving when my friend Les said “stop!” he got out some materials and polished the headlights.

this is how it looked before.

and this is how it looked after. so happy to have such cool surfer friends! thanks Les! i’ll give you another lobster next time i go dive!

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