April 17, 2014 Hawaii Surf Report

April 18th, 2014 | by gonaminori

I want to go on a Safari!!! Amazing!

Good morning 5:45am.
North shore 2-4′ and looking fun.
South shore still small at knee/waist high.
Winds are trades at 15-25mph.
Clear sunny sky.
Going surfing.
Have a wonderful day!

OMG: Capsized Ferry

April 17th, 2014 | by kirbyfukunaga

woke up this morning and saw the news about the korean ferry that capsized. lots of people died and still hundreds are missing. so heartbreaking. i wish they find the missing really soon. i see so many crazy things like this recently so that’s why i’m enjoying my precious life. it could be gone in a flash.
photo 4
went for another free dive training session this morning. just trying to fine tune my equipment for my upcoming trip. i’m not going to Panama to fool around, i’m going to Panama to spear the biggest fish of my life. it’s very dangerous so i have to practice so i don’t die.
photo 1
went out with Dr. Brent and Mr. Red Sea Kyle. we tied up to a mooring at 102′ and tested out our guns. mine worked pretty good but there were a few adjustments that had to be done so i’m glad i found out before the real senario of a 300lbs tuna swimming in front of me. there is absolutely no room for mistakes.
photo 2
it was really windy but once you’re under the water, the wind doesn’t matter.
photo 3
shucks, i cut my foot somehow. luckily a shark didn’t come and bite it off.
then i went to work and scrubbed the bottom of Mayuki. people use compressed air or scuba tanks but i just use my snorkel. it’s a lot of work but also a great work out. maybe that’s why i am so tired tonight? going to go shopping and buy my last minute supplies for my dream dive trip. then hopefully get to test out my gun one more time before i pack it up. and when i pull it out again, i’ll be hoping to have a huge tuna on the end of the shaft. i haven’t been more prepared in my life.

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