We’re home. Bummer.

hanging out 4 days with teenage girls is pretty interesting. they things they say and do makes me laugh. back on Oahu, everybody pretty much goes their own way. but here on Molokai, we do everything together. so even when they drive me crazy, i have nowhere to run. haha.

the girls cooked steak, ramen, and burritos last night for dinner.

and it was delicious! great job girls!

i had absolutely no nap time because i was either driving or doing something. but everybody else was napping all day and all night long. haha.

i already know how much a little house like the costs, i just have to find a small piece of land to build it on. then my dream will come true!

on Oahu, some people have to dive for months or years to spear a prized fish like this. things are different here. i swam right out in front in waist deep water for 10 minutes and speared this uhu right in the eye. then i came in because that’s all we needed. and i learned that you only catch what you need on this island. nothing more.

Reid went home yesterday and sent me some photos. here is our team driving around and around. everything and everything is so beautiful here.

Renton had this beach all to himself. it’s like paradise.

the boys had to go back a day early so i dropped them off at the airport. i already knew how they were feeling because i’ve been here many times. and every time i leave, i get so bummed. hard to explain until you come here.

then Reid texted me when he got home. “We’re home. Bummer.” haha. i showed the girls the text and they were laughing. our time will come and i’m not looking forward to that…

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City Girls

the girls asked Uncle Dino if they can eat coconut. so Uncle Dino climbed the coconut tree for them. then he started to husk it as the girls took video and posted it to instagram??? shit, i told the girls to get off their dam phones!!! this is what happens when you grow up in the city.

can’t get any fresher than this. thank you Uncle Dino!

the girls were so stoked! they ate fresh coconut the whole trip. all they needed was coconuts and their phones. haha.

and loving their country simple life. i know they will be bummed when we fly back to Honolulu. i’m getting bummed thinking about it. this place is hard to leave.

we don’t have much kiawe wood on Oahu anymore so everybody uses gas or charcoal for the grill. on Molokai, there are kiawe trees everywhere and this makes the best for the bbq. this is called a monster bbq!

life can be so simple here. it doesn’t matter where you sleep or what you have or don’t. there is always enough which is enough. understand? but to live in a dream makes you realize that dreams do come true. even the simple dreams.

and when you can have fun doing pretty much anything and everything, life is pretty dam good.

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