Sunday June26日 2022年

Soaking Wet…..

good evening. it was another dark and raining day today. we played tourist and went into town. it’s so weird how people look at us as if we’re from another planet. got some cool snapshots. stoked. we came back afternoon and jumped in cloud 9 for a quick session. it was raining but the boys were pulling in so they made my job easy. got a sick shot of hayato in the rain so i’m stoked. nobody would ever think about shooting on a day like this but i’m stoked how the photos came out.

we all got on bikes and headed for a barbecue. it’s our 3rd time there and i just can’t get enough. and guess what the name of the place is? “happiness”…. enough said…

we had to catch our ride home. this bike had shinpei, the driver, kazuya, uske, and masao. 5 guys on one bike. tokura-san, hayato, and me on the other bike. on the way home, it started raining. raining hard. we got all soaked….

finally got back to our room soaking wet. i was the farthest back on the bike so everybody in front of me got more wet. that was good because never need take shower after. anyway, going to eat some fruits and going to sleep. good night…

Billabong Cloud 9 Invitational: Top tube guns shoot it out

i got this photo off the internet. if you don’t believe how good it was these past 3 days, look for yourself…..

Cloud 9 Contest Over!!!

good morning. it’s 8:30am here on another wet raining day in cloud 9. the waves came down but are still in the head high range with perfect conditions. good for surfing but not good for photos. it’s kind of hard to get a full sunny day here and i’m starting to stress out because i’m only here for a couple more days. please sun come out!!! last night was nuts. we went to dinner at this bar down the road. around 9pm, there was a black out. no electricity. so they lit up a couple of candles and the party went on. i figured out why i love this place. yeah, the waves are epic. but the main reason is because of the people here. the local people are soooo nice and kind. really helpful and always trying to make us happy. we got to the bar on bikes because there are no cars here. then it started to rain super hard all night. we were stading in front ready to leave and the locals were trying their best to get us back to our room dry. then one guy, probably the only guy with a car on the island, gave us a ride back. and he lives in the opposite direction. he was super cool….. anyway, going to go outside and talk to mr. sun. “please come out”. i’ll yell 3 times and if it doesn’t work, i’m going back to sleep. see ya…
**here is my blog from last night.
good evening from cloud 9. gosh, the waves were going off again today. perfect 4′ barrels all day long. some good surfing went down. they awards party is this saturday night so you have to wait. i remember going to the awards party 4 years ago. it was so fun. there must have been 10,000 people there in this one area. standing room only. there was live music, dancing, food, drinks, and even a wet t-shirt contest. nah, just kidding. but this is the biggest event for this place and everybody comes out to celebrate.
there’s something magical about this contest. there was no typhoon or anything but we had solid surf for the past 3 days. amazing.

back to food poisoning. i went to the tower and seen this aussie hanging over the railing throwing up before his heat. gosh, i knew exactly how he was feeling. i wanted to give him a pat on the back. i felt so sorry for him….

there were 2 caddy’s in the contest. one for hawaiian stephen kohone, and one for japanese shinpei horiguchi. this kid was so stoked to be shinpei’s caddy. he kept on smiling and kept on telling me that shimpei was wearing the blue jersey…. shinpei’s number one fan…..

mikala jones getting ready for his heat while makua rothman scoping out the lineup. these guys were looking pretty serious. mikala and some of the hawaiian team is staying next door to us so it’s cool to have them right here. lot’s to talk about….
**anyway, going out to dinner now. be back tomorrow. the doctor told me not to drink milk or eat anything that contains milk in it. so i ate a creamy pumpkin soup for lunch, and a whole coconut for a snack. bad. very bad… and not to mention the barbecue we at last night. shit, i got to go to the toilet….