Kobota for Lunch…

i was watching Seth’s interview thinking to myself, “what the heck am i doing here in Hawaii watching this on my computer? Japan is my second home and these kids are shinning there right now. you’re missing it! get your ass there!”

so i start packing and thought to myself “what would Seth and Joshua want me to bring? yeah, the foil!” so i take my foil apart, pack it in a bag, and i’m jumping on a flight right about now! see you boys later today in Chiba!

right after Seth’s heat, he went to go eat at my favorite teishoku shop in Chiba. he takes this photo and sends it to me. haha. 10 years ago eating with little groms Kairi and Takumi. i’ll go have my lunch there this weekend. so happy!

last time i foiled was at Diamond Head, i was very comfortable. but now i’m going to Japan and out of my foiling comfort zone. a little nervous, but i’m excited to find a little swell somewhere and ride it into the Land of the Rising Sun…

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